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Support & resources to move your business to Queenstown Lakes.

Move your business to the Queenstown Lakes District

Make work-life balance a priority

In the Queenstown Lakes, a culture exists among all levels of the community which actively encourages health, exercise and making the most of what’s on offer.

See business growth

Fast becoming a hotspot for future-focused business leaders and entrepreneurs, Queenstown Lakes is the home of healthy business growth.

Form a unique brand identity

People are interested in coming here to visit and for conferences and meetings. Your location can become part of your brand story.

Shape the future of Queenstown

While the region’s beauty has put us on the map, it is our business leaders and innovative thinkers who will shape our future.

“I lead the company from Queenstown and Open has grown 300% in the last 12 months…

I think that’s proof that you can achieve incredible growth from Queenstown.”

Jason Wilby, Founder,
Open Insurance, Fintech 

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Business Leaders Building a Healthier Future in the Queenstown Lakes

Hayley Hobson moved from Sydney to Wānaka and started an accountancy firm. She has never had more time to focus on business and family growth.

Fintech company founder Jason Wilby runs his global business from Queenstown with strong support from a local base.

Our goal is to engage with all Māori in our district and have their voice heard through the services we provide.

It’s time to do things differently. A healthy future for you and your business.

Join a region in diversification mode. Here in the Queenstown Lakes, the health of people, the environment and the economy are always at the forefront. Make your move here and get started on a healthier future.

To help you on your way, Home for Healthier Business gives you access to a network of supporters and experts ready to accelerate your big idea, big business and better lifestyle.

Get a personalised plan for moving your business to the Queenstown Lakes District.

Book your 20min call with an economic development specialist now.

Get tailored advice for your business & circumstances

Get introductions to relevant business owners and services

Join a community of Queenstown Lakes business owners

Confidentiality guaranteed. You determine how we help

Get support finding an office lease

Get support to hire local talent

WEBINAR: Tech Talent in Queenstown Lakes

3 reasons why there is more tech talent than you might think

Our Supporters

Home for Healthier Business is supported by an ecosystem of local and national industry groups with one goal – to nurture the growth of entrepreneurship and diversification in our region. Here are our partners.

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