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Whether you’re looking to build a team or join a team, the Queenstown Lakes District offers everything you need to accelerate business development in a healthy way.

Already a home to business leaders and tourism trailblazers, Queenstown Lakes is now nurturing a new generation – the entrepreneurs and innovators.

While the region’s stunning natural beauty has put us on the map, it is our business leaders and innovative thinkers who will shape our future.

Home for Healthier Business exists to connect people like you with local mentors, leaders, industry groups, contacts and team players to support you in breaking new ground or fast-tracking growth. By joining now, you can help shape the future direction of the Queenstown Lakes District, a town set to make its mark on the global scene

There is no shortage of experience and expertise to help you on your way.

“Your overseas counterparts know of Queenstown and that’s brilliant when running a business as it facilitates that instant connection.”


Alex Worker

“Queenstown is the gateway to the world’s purest food sources and the furthest place from a big, polluted megacity,” he explains. “In a two-and-a-half-hour radius you can be diving for paua or foraging and picking your own delicious fruit.”





Success Stories

There’s this cool Kiwi ingenuity here. If there is a problem to solve or an opportunity which presents itself, Kiwis just get on with it. In the US, it’s quite different.

People are interested in coming here to visit and for conferences and meetings. Our location has become part of our brand story. 

Being here has enabled me to get out there and be healthy, spend time with the kids, set goals in biking and snowboarding and do multiple activities in one day.

We can help you find local talent

Our team of business specialists can work with local contacts and recruiters to set up a talent discovery drive, showing you just how much untapped talent there is across Queenstown Lakes.

Queenstown Lakes offers a growing talent pool of professionals from around New Zealand and around the world.

Queenstown Lakes residents are more likely to have been born overseas than residents of New York, London or Melbourne.

This suggests that the district’s ‘human capital’ is more likely to be working, entrepreneurial, qualified and international than the average New Zealand community.

Two approved projects from the Government’s ‘shovel ready’ program are underway

These value: $125M, 320 new jobs.(1)

Trade up your ‘always-on’ lifestyle

Find a better work-life balance and productivity will follow.

Long days, high stress and lack of exercise impact health, happiness and the bottom line.

In the US, the cost of depression is $210 billion annually, with half of this a consequence of absenteeism and reduction in work productivity.(2)

Work-life balance matters.

When Microsoft Japan trialed a 4-day working week, giving all 2,300 employees Fridays off for a month without decreasing pay, productivity increased by 40%. New Zealand firm Perpetual Garden did the same for its 240 employees, staff reported a 7% drop in stress levels and improved levels of focus.

In the Queenstown Lakes, a culture exists among all levels of the community which actively encourages health, exercise and making the most of what’s on offer.

Whether it’s skipping the office for a powder day, helping out with school sports or taking a moment to step outside and breathe deep, it is easy to find a reason to switch out of work mode. And when it’s time to come back to work, come back feeling sharper, healthier and more productive.

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