New pathways to a thriving future

Queenstown Lakes Economic Diversification

Why is it important to
diversify our economy?

A diversified range of businesses, jobs and exports spread across more industries will result in a community that is better able to withstand disruptions.

Diversification will offer future options for our young people and foster new career and income opportunities for everyone.

The Draft Economic Diversification Plan (EDP) will support diversification work already happening across the district, working towards the goal of a resilient and sustainable economy offering a diverse range of career and income opportunities by 2050.

Whats in the plan?

The draft plan outlines a keystone project, strategic pillars, objectives, and proposed diversification projects. Head to QLDC’s Let’s Talk page to read the draft plan in full.

On 6 November 2023, 14 speakers came together at Holiday Inn Remarkables Park, to share quickfire presentations on their diversification projects. These passionate people talked about how they’re making a difference by improving the environment and infrastructure, as well as helping to create new opportunities for local communities.

Check out the highlights video to get an overview of the third annual Diversification Snapshots event. You can also watch the individual presentations from this year’s lineup of speakers below.

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